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Winnie the PoohbearGruBear (Version II)


100% designed and handmade by TeddyGruBear, Winnie has been made using a gorgeous, short (10mm)  thick golden tan coloured Alpaca fur from Steiff-Schulte.


Winnie is filled with a combination of woodwool (excelsior), alpaca and pure sheep wool.


Winnie is 5 way cotter jointed - neck, arms and legs and also has armature in his legs to enable him to stand up by himself.


He has black glass eyes, a hand embroidered face, and his eyebrows are made with antique black silk velvet.


Winnies top is also hand made with a gorgeous deep red antique cotton fabric.


Winnie is 33cm tall from his feet to the top of his ears, and sits at 28cm tall (from his bottom to the tips of his ears.


He wieghs 444 grams, and has a gorgeous little tail!


Will you give Winnie his 100 Acre home forever???


****** Winnie is a display - collector item, not intended as a toy for under 10 years old******

Winnie the Pooh (VII)

€ 198,00Prijs