The Wanderer is a unique 100% handmade design by TeddyGruBear.


He has been hand sewn using a stunning "Fox Red" long Alpaca, and a short white Alpaca of the highest quality from Steiff - Schulte (German manufacturer).


The Wanderer stands 35 cm tall (from his feet to the tips of his ears) and weighs 530 grams.


He is 5 way cotter jointed (neck, arms and legs) and contains armature in his legs and tail, so that he can stand solidly all by himself.


The Wanderer has been filled with wood wool (excelsior) in his head and feet, as well as pure sheep wool in his body, arms and legs. He also has a small amount of glass granulate in his tummy (for balance to stand alone).


He has THE most amazing hypnotic eyes of which have been hand coloured to be a tawny gold, inside hand made leather eyelids.


His face has been hand (scissor) sculpted and shaded.


The Wanderer has (real) leather paw pads, a hand embroidered mouth and nose (of which has been waxed), and a magnificent clutch of horse-hair whiskers.


He comes to you with his hand made "bundle on a stick" which has been made of antique burgundy red and gold cotton brocade fabric, which is tied on (removable) to his arm with a piece of (real) leather strapping.


The Wanderer is absolutely magnificent, and I am sure will very quickly become a center piece of your collection, and a fabulous family heirloom.

The Wanderer

€ 220,00Prijs
  • All TeddyGruBear "Adoptions' will be sent to you along with a TeddyGruBear Certificate of Authenticity.

    Dated and signed by me (Michelle Gruber) it states all details  of your new TeddyGruBear - including materials used and any additional items included in the making of your TeddyGruBear.