TeddyGruBearPoohBear is the latest 100% HANDMADE and designed TeddyGruBear to arrive!


Pooh is completely hand sewn using a magnificent honey coloured pure Mohair fur.


He is traditionally jointed using cotter joints in his neck, arms and legs.


Pooh has black glass eyes, and a hand embroidered nose and mouth.


He weighs 476 grams, and is 32cm tall from his feet to the tip of his ears!.


TeddyGruBearPoohBear has been hand filled, using a combination of wood wool, pure sheep wool and a little mohair.


His t-shirt has also been hand made using a gorgeous Pooh - Red antique cotton velvet fabric.


He is an absolute delight! 


****** TeddyGruBearPoohBear is not intended as a toy,  he is a collectible or keepsake******




€ 198,00Prijs
  • 🧸Every single TeddyGruBear & Friend is personally designed and 100% hand made by TeddyGruBear - including hand sewn (not a sewing machine in sight!).


    I use only pure, natural products such as Alpaca, Pure Silk or Mohair fur, pure sheep wool, glass eyes, and all noses, mouths and claws are only ever hand embroidered.


    🧸Every single TeddyGruBear is cotter jointed, and all accessories are either antique, or handmade by me.


    🧸A TeddyGruBear is a fabulous addition for Collectors, a Keepsake to memorialise a special occassion (eg birth, anniversary), and will become a treasured Family Heirloom.


    💖🧸Every single TeddyGruBear has been MADE WITH LOVE🧸💖

    All Shipping is by Registered Post.

    I happily accept commissions, based on existing TeddyGruBear designs.