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Teddy Beartle is a 100% HANDMADE handsewn, jointed, traditionally made and filled Teddybear.


Teddy Beartle has been hand sewn from gorgeous Steiff Schulte PURE SILK fur for his head, arms and legs.


His body has been sewn from a stunning antique piece of deep ruby red Mohair fabric. His black dots are from a black Steiff Schulte Mohair fabric.


Beartle is totally cotter jointed, and has a very cheeky look to his face! He is filled with a mixture of wood wool, and pure alpaca wool with a little granulate in his tummy for balance.


He is 26 cm tall (not including his antennae!), and sits 17cm tall (not incl. his antennae), he weighs 343 grams.


He has black and white glass eyes, an embroidered face and a fabulous cap with Antennae on his head made of black wool felt (antennae are wired).


TeddyBeartles paws are made using the TeddyGruBear OOAK silk fur and real leather design.


Teddy Beartle is an absolute joy! His Cheeky little face says it all..... 



****** Teddy Beartle is not intended as a toy. He is a collectible display Teddy ******