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Starlight is a TeddyGruBear designed, 100% HANDMADE, jointed and filled Teddybear.


She is made using a hand dyed pure Mohair in a  "galaxy" pattern of dark blues and purples with a few dark pink highlights and she has purple ultra suede paw pads.


Starlight comes to you wearing her "Starlight" vintage crystal brooch, and also has some crystals sewn into her ears, her feet and paws. 


She has a fully jointed (head, arms, legs) , and she has black glass eyes.

She has been filled with a combination of wood wool (Excelsior), and pure sheep wool, with a small amount of granulate in her tummy for balance.


Starlight weighs 310g and is 24cm tall (10cm approx. smaller when sitting).


Starlight is the perfect TeddyGruBear to add to your collection, or the perfect keepsake gift for any Teddybear lover!


****** Starlight is a collectible, display Teddybear - not intended as a toy for children under 10 years old******

Starlight TeddyGruBear

€ 125,00Prijs