Snoopy and Woodstock..... together forever!


100% designed and handmade traditionally jointed by TeddyGruBear.........


That ever loving Beagle - Snoopy and his cheeky little sidekick Woodstock are available together as a pair.


Snoopy has been made using the highest quality Steiff - Schulte, white pure silk in a lustrous thick 10mm fur. 


His ears, eyes and nose - as well as his black "beagle" spot on his back -  have been made with a gorgeous black antique velvet.


Snoopy is bigger than the last one offered, and now stands at 22cm tall and weighs 267 grams - so he is approximately a quarter size bigger and weighs nearly twice as much!


He is fully cotter jointed, and has been filled with a pure sheep wool and a little granulate in his tummy to help him stand tall!


Snoopy also has a real red leather and gold collar!


He will come to you with his best friend - Woodstock, who has been handmade with the highest quality Steiff -Schulte "stipple" mohair in light yellow.


Woodstock weighs 21 grams, and is 14cm tall (10cm tall when sitting).


His "hair" feathers have been individually made, and he has black velvet eyes.


Woodstock has been filled with pure sheep wool.


His legs and feet are wired, although he does not stand, his head is cotter jointed.


With his tail and wings positioned as they are he looks like he is taking off or landing!


Will the two of them find a "forever home" with you?

Snoopy and Woodstock

€ 220,00Prijs
  • 🧸Every single TeddyGruBear & Friend is personally designed and 100% hand made by TeddyGruBear - including hand sewn (not a sewing machine in sight!).

    I use only pure, natural products such as Alpaca, Pure Silk or Mohair fur, pure sheep wool, glass eyes, and all noses, mouths and claws are only ever hand embroidered.

    🧸Every single TeddyGruBear is cotter jointed, and all accessories are either antique, or handmade by me.

    🧸A TeddyGruBear is a fabulous addition for Collectors, a Keepsake to memorialise a special occassion (eg birth, anniversary), and will become a treasured Family Heirloom.

    💖🧸Every single TeddyGruBear has been MADE WITH LOVE🧸💖

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    I happily accept commissions, based on existing TeddyGruBear designs

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