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Piccolo TeddyGruBear (Blue) is a TeddyGruBear designed, 100% HANDMADE traditional, jointed Teddy Bear.


He has been made with a gorgeous light blue, straight, sparse Mohair on a mid brown backround, from Steiff - Schulte (German manufacturer).


Piccolo is a new brother for my gorgeous little gold Piccolo TeddyGruBears (of which you can also see on this site).


He is 5 way cotter jointed (head, arms and legs), and he is filled with a combination of wood wool (excelsior), pure sheep wool and a little bit of granulate in his tummy for balance.


Piccolo has black glass eyes, and a hand sculpted and shaded face, with an embroidered nose and mouth.


He has beautiful soft cashmere (blue) paw pads along with embroidered "claws".


Piccolo weighs 133 grams and is 21cm tall from feet to tips of ears (obviously smaller when sitting). He comes to you wearing a vintage piece of French satin ribbon around his neck.


Piccolo has been MADE WITH LOVE 

Piccolo TeddyGruBear (Blue)

€ 95,00 Normale prijs
€ 66,50Verkoopprijs