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Two Christmas Piccolo Teddy bears are here, just waiting to be adopted to their forever homes!


Each Piccolo has been designed and 100% handmade by TeddyGruBear using the highest quality Steiff-Schulte (German manufacturer) Mohair fur in a gorgeous teal blue on a brown backing.


Piccolos are traditionally cotter jointed in their head, arms and legs.


They are filled with a combination of wood wool and sheep wool.


Thier faces are hand sculpted, shaded and hand embroidered.


Piccolos have black glass eyes and embroidered "claws".


They weigh between 105 - 145 grams each and are 20cm tall - they sit at 13cm tall.


Each Piccolo comes to you wearing his handmade Santa hat, which is trimmed in rabbit fur.

They also have a rabbit fur scarf, on which is a real brass Tibetan Prayer Bell. There is also a smaller prayer bell on the end of their hat.


(All rabbit fur has been upcycled - no rabbits were harmed in the making of any TeddyGruBear)


These Piccolo Christmas Teddy bears are absolutley adorable, and make a fabulous "Christmassy" noise with their bells! A perfect Christmas present for someone you love - or just for you because you love them!

Piccolo Christmas Teddy

€ 75,00Prijs