Oculus - the Snowy Owl.


100%  designed and handmade by TeddyGruBear, using the highest quality, thick, dense pure white Alpaca fur from Steiff Schulte (German manufacturer).


Oculus is a gorgeous big Snowy Owl - standing 26cm tall and weighing 481 grams.


He is filled with a combination of wood wool (excelsior), pure sheep wool, alpaca and a little glass granulate.


Oculus has gorgeous hand coloured golden glass eyes.


His neck is jointed, and his wings have been embroidered to give the impression of feathers.


His beak and claws have been made with black pure wool felt - which has then been hardened, so they appear "solid".


Oculus' legs are wired and covered in a gorgeously soft white rabbit fur to give the illusion of soft fine white feathers, which fall over his claws.


He also has some rabbit fur around his eyes and beak to give the illusion of small, fine feathers.


Oculus' tail has been hand made using alpaca, pure silk (underside) and rabbit fur to give it a soft, lush feathered look.


(No rabbits were harmed in the process of making Oculus, as all rabbit fur used has been upcycled from a rabbit fur hat).




€ 220,00Prijs
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  • 🧸Every single TeddyGruBear & Friend is personally designed and 100% hand made by TeddyGruBear - including hand sewn (not a sewing machine in sight!).

    I use only pure, natural products such as Alpaca, Pure Silk or Mohair fur, pure sheep wool, glass eyes, and all noses, mouths and claws are only ever hand embroidered.

    🧸Every single TeddyGruBear is cotter jointed, and all accessories are either antique, or handmade by me.

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