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The ever popular, loved characterisation (by TeddyGruBear) of Mrs Tittlemouse is back!


Here she is, in all of her mousie glory!


An original design by TeddyGruBear, Mrs Tittlemouse has once again been 100% HANDMADE including handsewn, using a stunning pale milk chocolate coloured PURE SILK FUR from Steiff -Schulte (German manufacturers).


She is 5 way cotter jointed (neck, arms and legs), her arms and legs (hands and feet also) are wire armature under (real) suede leather - She is therefore (carefully) poseable!


Mrs Tittlemouse has black glass eyes, horsehair whiskers and a gorgeous long tail (also made of leather).


Her clothes are antique and handmade , and she wears a gorgeous rosegold pure Silk bow around her neck.

(Her clothes are fully removable if you would prefer to dress her yourself)


She is 20cm tall (stands beautifully), weighs 250 grams, and has been filled with a combination of wood wool, pure sheep wool and a small amount of granulate for balance.


Mrs Tittlemouse is an absolute favourite amoungst collectors... will she be yours?


Mrs Tittlemouse has been MADE WITH LOVE 


****** Mrs Tittlemouse is not intended as a toy. She is a collectible keepsake******

Mrs Tittlemouse (V.2)

€ 198,00Prijs
  • 🧸Every single TeddyGruBear & Friend is personally designed and 100% hand made by TeddyGruBear - including hand sewn (not a sewing machine in sight!).


    I use only pure, natural products such as Alpaca, Pure Silk or Mohair fur, pure sheep wool, glass eyes, and all noses, mouths and claws are only ever hand embroidered.


    🧸Every single TeddyGruBear is cotter jointed, and all accessories are either antique, or handmade by me.


    🧸A Ted