Jemima PuddleDuck....... 100% HANDMADE, hand sewn, hand filled, traditional, jointed SILK TeddyGruBear.


Jemima has been hand sewn from the HIGHEST QUALITY white, 1cm, straight,dense PURE SILK FABRIC from Steiff Schulte which has a lovely resemblance to feathers!


Her beak, as well as her legs and feet are made with "Cashmere" over wire, and stands beautifully by herself !


Jemima has glass eyes - which have been hand coloured a magnificent blue/grey, along with black gorgeous eyelashes.


She stands at 27cm (not including her hat) and weighs 272 grams fully "dressed"


She also has lovely wings and a very cheeky little tail beneath her wrap. 


Jemima comes to you wearing her very own TeddyGruBear designed and handmade Bonnet and Wrap, made with Cashmere and Italian lace, and both are removable.


She has been filled with pure alpaca wool, and has a turn/joint in her head so that you can face her head to where ever you would like her to look towards!


*****Jemima is a collectible (keepsake) display TeddyGruBear, not intended as a toy *****

Jemima Puddleduck

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