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Daffodil TeddyGruBear is a precious 100% HANDMADE and HAND SEWN Teddybear, made using a stunning pale yellow STEIFF SCHULTE PURE SILK FUR.


Daffodil is a traditional jointed Teddy Bear, filled with a mix of wood wool (excelsior) and pure sheep wool, along with a little granulate in her tummy.


She has black glass eyes, an embroidered nose, mouth and "claws", along with cashmere pads on her hands and feet.


Daffodil is 30cm tall , weight of 438g, sunshine yellow silk fur. She has a stunning antique French ribbon in a gorgeous pale lilac silk tied around her neck.


She is a beautiful silky, lustrous Teddybear who will definately add some shine to your collection.

Daffodil TeddyGruBear

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